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Seaview Restaurant

Seaview Restaurant offers an extensive variety of fresh seafood. The specialized dishes include Seagull’s Nest, Peri Peri Sheri, Tossed Seafood Salad, Fish Masala Pappad, Casava Stuffed Fish, Haryali Hamour Tikka, Achari Machi Tikka, Malay Steamed Seabream, Seaview Prawns, Jingha Tandoori, Fluffy Sesame Bread, Prawn Caprese, and various varieties of Lobster & Squid.

Our guests can select from the variety of seafood which can be prepared to their taste with recommended flavors by the Master Chef.

Located on the very edge of the Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, Seaview Seafood Restaurant has breathtaking panoramic sea views of the fishing harbor, sailing club and views of the Arabian Gulf. Visitors can see the Atlantis Hotel, World Islands, gliders, sail boats and a marina from the harbor club.

Seaview Restaurant has a licensed fishing boat, and we catch fresh seasonal local Hamour, Sheri, King Fish, Mullet, Mackerel, Shrimp, Crabs and more. Freshly caught fish not only ensures sustainability but also ensures that a premium product ends up on your plate offering you unmatched value for money.

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